Changing the Headlights in Your Honda

The sporty Del Sol would be nothing without its headlights. This car's cool factor soars to infinitesimal heights with a few key features and the headlights are one of them. So whether you are replacing broken headlights or upgrading the ones you have, you'll want to know everything essential to choosing the best headlights and having them work for you for at least as long as their warranty is good. When it comes to Del Sol Headlights, don't do a disservice to yourself and your car by getting anything less than the best. You should only use OEM parts for repairs and upgrades on your Del Sol, and in this case that means ordering genuine Honda Del Sol headlights from; the genuine Honda auto parts distributor near you in Mechanicsville, VA. If you're reading this in preparation to change your headlights, then you probably have a pretty good idea about what is involved. What's important to remember is that you have to stay organized both when removing the old headlights and when putting in the new ones. This way, it's more likely that you don't make any mistakes or misplace any important parts. If you're replacing the headlights yourself, there's nothing to worry about, it's a pretty straight forward process, and you will save a good chunk of money by skipping the service charge involved with this repair.

Two main reasons why you may need to change your bulb:

-A technical malfunction, which is discussed in further detail below

-A collision, which left you with headlights that no longer function and possibly a broken headlight cover

In either of the above scenarios, if your headlights are no longer working, then it's time for a new pair. If not due to some sort of a collision, then there are a few reasons why you might need new headlights.

1. You Drive for a Living

You will probably go through headlights a lot quicker because you use the signal and night time lights far more often than other users.

2.Lights are Getting Too Much or Too Little Power

This has to do with the alternator. When it's not working correctly for some reason, then it can cause the headlights to burn out. Once this is happening, then in addition to replacing your headlights, you will have to get a new alternator too.

3.Lights Weren't Installed Properly

A lot of things could go wrong if you don't know what you're doing when it comes to installing your headlights. If the bulbs come into contact with your skin, then they will burn out a lot quicker than normal. If they weren't completely tightened into position, then they could shake around so much so that they are damaged and stop working. Also, if the car parts that they are connected to are loose, then this could also cause them to shake. You also have to handle the bulbs gently when installing them. Any bumping, accidentally dropping them or hitting them with tools could cause them to break or decrease their lifespan.


If moisture comes into contact with a headlight bulb, it could make it blow out. This is rare, but water could build up inside your headlight cover due to condensation. In Mechanicsville, this would most likely happen during the fall when it's cool during the nights and then considerably warmer during the days. At night, the cold air surrounding the headlight cover makes condensation build up on its inner walls, which are still pretty warm from the lights themselves and from the warmer daytime temperature. However, this is rarely a problem. There is ventilation built into the headlight covers, and even the lights themselves produce heat that helps dry up condensation. Some LED headlights actually have fans built in that dry up things. Xenon lights, on the other hand, aren't very hot at all, and in this situation, it could take the longest for the moisture to evaporate. Another way to combat moisture in your headlamps is to keep your car's lights on while driving.

Replacing Your Headlights

Once you've gotten the right Del Sol headlights based on their part number or your vehicle's VIN, all you need is a few tools so basic that you probably already have them on hand:

-Rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes


Make sure all systems in your car are shut down and that the motor is not running. You access your headlights by opening the hood of your car. Locate the headlight cover, and remove it by pulling it out or rotating it and pulling it. You will see wires connected to the back of the headlight socket. You shouldn't have to use force or any tools to work the socket free, but rotating it a bit might be necessary. Once it's free, remove the old bulb from the socket. Handle the new bulb with tissue. Wipe the bulb down with alcohol, and put it in the socket of the holder that the wires are connected to. Put the holder firmly back in place making sure to position it evenly and in the same position as it was before or in the same position as the one on the opposite side of the car. Now, put the cover back in place, and you're done. When changing the smaller side lights, you would pretty much follow the same procedure, and it’s pretty self explanatory. This is the procedure if you just need to change the bulb. If you need to change the headlight cover as well, then you would do that after removing the old bulb but before installing the new one. In this case, an additional tool you would need is a Phillips head screwdriver. Now that your car has working headlights, you can drive wherever you want without getting pulled over or endangering yourself or others. Your car will give you the most years of trouble-free service when you give it the best, and for a car like the Del Sol that means only using Genuine Honda parts. They come with at least a 12-year warranty and are guaranteed to fit.